I’m sitting in Connecticut “at the lake” and it doesn’t suck. Here let me show you…..


It’s nice, peaceful and quiet. I have gotten A LOT of riding in since we got here but that has been balanced with nice down time.

I had a Leadville dream the other night. I was dead a sleep and woke up with a face staring down at me. “Why are you sleeping? You are going to miss the race.” I sprang up and got to the start line just as the people were rolling out. Not too late.

Funny, that dream didn’t bother me at all. Right now I feel very good about where I am at. I’m taking care of the things I have control over and not worrying about the things I don’t. It feels like things are where they are supposed to be right now.

Next week the road show continues. I am in Incline Village NV (north shore of Lake Tahoe) for a conference. Bike rental reservation is made. Four days of moderate altitude riding. Then I am home for two weeks. Then Colorado.


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