North Tahoe

Part two of my pre-Leadville travels adventures is a conference in Incline Village NV on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. This one is giving me a little chance to ride at a higher altitude (6000-9000 ft) on some new terrain. I rented a bike for the week (Specialized FSR, AL, 29″, the bike shop guys said I would never want to go back to my hard tail) and yesterday I set out for my first ride.

Drew had me down for a 2 hour easy single track ride. After talking with the bike shop guys it was pretty clear that any single track around here was going to require some up to get to.

The local tourist ride is the “Flume Trail” (not a unique name by any stretch of the imagination). Usually they bus people up to one end (the high end) and let people bike down. I decided to ride up first then down.

One thing this trail had going for it was the view.



Nothing wrong with that.

The trail itself? Not technical, but requiring nerves at some points due to the narrow cliff you were biking along. Sorry no pictures of that I was busy keeping my bike on course 😉

Here are the stats: 2 hours, 18 miles 2000 ft of elevation change (most in a 3.2 mile, 1300 ft, 11% grade climb).


I brought along a GoPro from work and shot some footage. Just to kind of give you a sense of what the trail was like. Enjoy:

This ride was a little more strenuous then was called for (due to the climbing), but I felt pretty good. Just kind of geared down and ground my way up. Three more days. I have a couple of longer rides on tap. Today I am hitting the flume trail the locals ride. More up 🙂

(I still like my bike better BTW.)


One thought on “North Tahoe

  1. Nice post on a bucket list trail. I was absolutely blown away racing XTERRA National Champs when it was held in Lake Tahoe. Good luck in Leadville.

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