Just a quick one today. I am finally back in my office from the 2 week trip, before my next 3 week trip (which starts in 2 weeks). There you figure that out. (All that math means is that I am mostly not spending this summer in my own bed at home.)

I uploaded a crap load of gps tracks to my ride tracking program (SportTracks). Here was my June:

797 miles. I missed my all time monthly miles record by 14 miles. Since I did the 811 on a road bike, and the 797 were mostly on my MTB I am happy with that.

59 hours of riding. I crushed my last record by 8 hours. (That would be the 811 mile month from last year.)

62,300 ft of total ascent. Previous record 54,000 ft. (Also the 811 mile month. huh I must have been prepping for something. Oh yeah first Wilmington race.)

Down to 158 lbs (which required me to get another new set of clothes).

Last training block starts today. (Short force intervals. Time for me neighbors to look funny at me.)


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