My writing has been a little slow last week and this week. There are a couple of things going on. I mean how many times can you write about riding up Whitehill Road? (Even if you are doing it as an intervals and are are on your 4th trip up.) Don’t worry. I’ve been grinding out the miles and hours. The other thing is that I have been working and doing family stuff. That has felt good. This weekend we are going camping with friends. Part of me would like to be home, but it will also be fun to be with my friends and family sitting by a fire next to a lake. Of course Saturday I get to disappear for the day so I can do a 6.5 hour ride. (That ride will be epic. Right now the plan is to end with a climb to the top of Whiteface. Its paved but the climb is 3500 ft and 8 miles long).

In some ways I feel like I am starting to transition out of the Leadville madness back into “regular” life. I feel like that is a good thing. I’ve been wondering what Monday August 12 will be like with this behind me (one way or another). I’m looking forward to going riding with my friends and pulling Jen around the local roads. I’m looking forward to waking up and riding however I want to that day. Maybe a little single track, maybe a quick ride out to Higley, maybe up Whitehill Road (but only once ;))

I had some people comment to me this winter about needing to find a “middle path”. Ironically that was said to me by different people, but with basically that same language. Its strange language but seems appropriate. It’s a path that balances out my life better. (You know a path that doesn’t require a helmet all the time!) The balance is a little out of whack right now. I think finding that path will be one of my goals this fall. I also want to keep and extend my fitness level (I have worked hard for it). I think I can do that and still find a good balance.

I have ideas for what I want to do bike wise next year, but that’s for later. Right now its still full speed ahead.

22 days to Leadville.


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