Ferrari vs Landrover

This summer I have spent a bunch of time on my “Landrover” bike (Worm) riding dirt, riding single track, even riding road. I think I could count on 1 hand the number of times I have been on my road bike. (Yep. 4 times. I just counted.)

Today’s training ride: 4 hour Tempo: 30 minutes zone 1-2 to warm up. Then 1.5 hours at zone 3. Rest at zone 2 with most time spent in zone 2.

What does that mean? Well zone 3 is about half way between easy and time trial. That’s where a pro would ride “lightly”. That’s close to the top end of where regular people ride “hard” for extended time. I had a route in mind for this one. The road out of town that goes into the mountains goes 36 miles from town till it ends. It climbs about 2000 ft over those  36 miles (which if basically flat compared to what I have been riding). Its a traditional basic out and back trip here.

It was time to dust off the road bike for this one. Time to bring out the Ferrari.

I have really gotten into riding my mtb this summer. I love riding trails and riding jeep track through the woods. There are fewer cars, its quieter, its relaxing (well except for the whole endo thing. the scabs on my legs and arms are doing well, thank you very much). Today I was reminded that I do like my road bike too.

Frank, my road bike, is a steel Italian framed bike. Its made out of Reynolds ultra think steel tubes and weighs about 17 lbs. Not super light by road standards, but way lighter than my 23 lb mtb.

Here is the thing. That bike is snappy and responsive. I got to the first real hill (right where I needed to go zone 3), stood up and the bike accelerated up the hill. Then Frank and I kept going. We hammered the ups. We hammered the downs. We hammered the flats. And when we got to the top, we had a 19.5 mph average. Post processing the data (I am an engineer after all and love data) showed that I had a 20 mph average when I was in the zone 3 tempo phase (taking away the 30 minute warm-up).

It was a fun ride. It was fun to be able to go hard (and be able to maintain it). It was fun to go fast. I know that the difference in speed was due to the bike. But sometimes its fun to pull the Ferarri out and let it rip.

Authors note: It took me 1:45 to go from my house to the end of the out. Even with the 30 minutes of warm up (where I was not going very hard at all) I beat my old best time by 15 minutes. 16 Days to Leadville.


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