This week two things happened/are happening that have brought the Leadville madness into a clear reality. One that is staring me right in the face.

On Tuesday the rest of my training schedule was filled in. The rest of it. All of it. It ends on August 11.

August 10 2013: Leadville 100

Warm up 20-30 minutes including 3-5 x 30 second race pace build ups. Take 2 minutes rest between each. Show up to the line 10 minutes before your start. Race smart, good nutrition, smart pacing, and be patient.

August 11 2013

Relax. Off Day

And that’s it. After that there are a lot of blank days. Holy poop, Leadville in on my calendar. I know exactly what I am doing between now and then. And it is no longer some “concept” sitting out in space. I spent a lot of time Tuesday night thinking about the race and everything. The funniest thing (after I stopped hyperventilating) was that  I felt a little like the guy in this commercial:

The saving grace has been the other thing that is happening this week. I’ve been in a mad rush to get my work life under control and to get packed. I have two grad students who are doing field work in Syracuse who I have been trying to help. I have an undergrad who is in my lab who I am trying to mentor. And I have a couple of other grad students who are in my lab that I am also trying to keep on track. Its been a week. I think I have my bike stuff under control. Just need to take my bike apart a little bit and put it in the bag. (Note to self, don’t forget to deflate the tires Doug.) Then its time to pack other equipment: clothes, tools, food/nutrition, etc. I like having a lot to do right now. It keep me from thinking too much about stuff like this:

Or the reverse (going up Powerline)…..or going up Columbine….or going down Columbine…..

15 days to Leadville (that would be two weeks from tomorrow)

At least I won’t be alone.



2 thoughts on “Real

  1. There I am at 2:17. Black and white jersey, yellow cycling cap…

    No, you won’t be alone. It will be you, me, and a few thousand of our new best friends.

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