Leadville Day 1: Base Camp

Traveling to Leadville was both better and worse than I expected. Worse because it involved mechanical issues on planes, cancelled flights, re-routing, and an arrival 8 hours later than I had hoped. But I eventually I got here. It was better than I expected because even with all of that my bike and bag both showed up in CO along with me. When I got in (after two hours of driving, which came after 12 hours of traveling via airplane), I hit the bed and that was pretty much it.

In the morning I woke up to investigate what Team Bohl HQ looked like. This is the cabin:


And here is the oh so terrible view from the front porch:


It’s rough but I will take this one for the team.

Then it was time to get Worm all back together, I mean he won’t go anywhere like this:


But like I said, he arrived in good shape and soon was ridable:


Today’s training instructions (now that Drew and I were on the same page for this week) were 1.5 hours, EASY. Let the body adjust. So I biked the first 8 miles of the Leadville course (town to the base of St. Kevan’s). I rode up St. Kevan’s just a little bit. I wasn’t alone:


It’s a lot narrower than I had expected. They have been having a lot of rain out here and so the dirt roads are in really rough shape.

My bike ride ended with two trips through what will be the finish line (hey I needed to get 5 more minutes in, so I went around a second time).

Day 1 ended with shopping for food (stocking HQ), and some work work. Getting tired and ready to hit the sack.

Thoughts for the day:

1. 10,000 ft is pretty high and I could feel the altitude.

2. BUT that’s why I am here now. To get acclimated. Its going to be harder than back at home, but I knew that. Today was a good reality check.


7 thoughts on “Leadville Day 1: Base Camp

  1. That view is uh-mazing!! This post caught my eye because I’ve recently decided to take a vacation to Colorado ASAP. This post makes me even more anxious to visit!!

    • Big sky mountains are really different from Eastern mountains. Our mountains at home are very close to each other. Here there are plains between them. We have big mountains at home, just not as many. So many really big ones here. We have a lot more trees, its greener. Less so here. Both are awesome, but in different ways.

  2. My email is ascentionist at yahoo dot com
    Shoot me and email when/if you can and we can exchange numbers etc. We’ll be in a house in town on 2nd St. Should get into town on Monday afternoon/evening.

    • I have a Pika Packworks bag (http://pikapackworks.com/). Its a soft bag and I really like it. The good is that it is light. You cannot get under 50 lbs with a hard shell case. The bad is its a soft shell case. To pack the bike the tires come off (take out the skewers and take off brake rotors). Handlebars come off. I also take off the derailleur (the bad comes with a little bag to put that in). I used plastic spacers in the front fork and in the back where the wheel goes to give it rigidity (keep the frame from being compressed). No real problems. I have done this a couple of times and it has worked well for me.

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