Leadville Day 3: Truth

Today was my third day in Leadville and I discovered a truth. I have to tell you all about it, because it is probably affecting you all. Well at least those of you who ride or run…with a Garmin.

Yes, I have discovered a truth about Garmins. They do not calculate the grade correctly and what is more shocking is they get worse the higher you go.

Today I was riding back into town at the end of my ride (Yeah intervals!) and its up hill (Seriously how else would you end a 103.7 mile race with 12k of climbing but up hill???). I knew this from my first couple of rides. But it struck me today when the Garmin said I was on a 2% grade, and I was breathing heavy. The Garmin was not correct in the grade. Clearly for the effort I was putting out this was a 4 or 5% grade. Here is the truth I learned:


Nope this whole lack of oxygen thing is not the problem. Clearly some joker at Garmin programed that little thing to under-report the grade when you get to 10,000ft. I suspect they did this because they through it was a funny. Well it’s not funny! I want the real grade not the altitude compensated grade. I may have to figure out how to hack my Garmin to fix it…. Be warned everyone, be warned!

Thoughts for the day:

1. Better again today. Had best day pace wise. Not a lot of climbing, but I felt good with my pace.

2. I miss my family and wish they were here. They are coming next Wednesday. This is the longest I have ever been apart from my wife.

Picture of the day:


This picture is from downtown Leadville. I picked it not because of the funeral home/race dying thing, but because of my son (to whom this is dedicated)….. Bailey.


3 thoughts on “Leadville Day 3: Truth

    • That is true….and a very funny convergence of life things…..(My wife Coreen works for Hospice, funeral homes are part of her profession and a source of jokes at home. Hospice people have a funny sense of humor.)

  1. That’s cool. I’ve decided to forego Strava for this one to prove that if there’s a bike ride in the mountains and no GPS to record it it does still happen. 🙂

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