Leadville Day 5: Is it race time yet?

There are good things about having come to Leadville two weeks ahead of the race. Mostly those have to do with acclimation, pre-riding parts of the course, meeting new people.

The bad part, well you are living the Leadville Trail MTB Race 24/7. You cannot get away from it. The mountains are looming. Kind of sitting there taunting you. It’s hard to get away from thinking about the race.

This might come as a shock to those of you who know me (especially to my wife 😉 Love you!) but if given the chance I can spend some time in my head. And its so easy right now to do that. To make something that is big into something that’s even bigger. And so that’s the challenge right now. Having fun, enjoying the experience, and NOT making it bigger than it actually is.

Today’s ride was an easy 1 hour spin. So that left a lot of time. What did I do to keep myself busy? Met a bunch of riders who were gathering for a pre-ride and talked with them (I finished my ride before they rolled out). Hot chocolate at City on a Hill. Then I put some new brake pad in my front wheel disk brakes.

Then I figured out my goal split times for the race.

Then a few hours of work (prepping for a new class back home). Then into town to chat with some more riders. Then dinner. Then writing on the blog 😉

It’s going to pick up starting on Sunday. My mom and dad get into town. Then some other people I know start coming. I actually have some dinner dates starting on Monday. That will be a nice distraction.

Thought for the day:

1. Take the race 1 mile at a time. Don’t worry about anything except what is right in front of you. It’s kind of like when I Luge. The only important thing is the curve in front of you. The curve behind you totally irrelevant. Two curves ahead…not yet.

Picture of the day:


Boom Days. A Leadville street fair. Oh did I forget to mention I went to that today? No riding on Sunday, but I do believe Boom Days will be providing some excellent picture opportunities. Stay tuned.


One thought on “Leadville Day 5: Is it race time yet?

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