Leadville Day 6: Sugarloaf

Yesterday I was talking with some bike racers and they mentioned that Sugarloaf was a great climb. With one last “hard” day of riding left before the race I decided to climb Sugarloaf and do the Powerline descent.

Simply put Sugarloaf is a great climb. It’s graded in such a way that you can gear down and get into a rhythm and go up. Its loose in a couple of places but not really bad. The view from the top is awesome.


Once you get to the top of Sugarloaf you transition into the Powerline descent.


(Can you hear the powerlines crackling? They do. Its kind of freaky.)

The powerline descent? Well that’s pretty much NOT underplayed in the movies. It’s rocky and steep and loose. Oh, the “really” steep part? Well that has ruts in it that are a couple of feet deep. You pick a line and are pretty much stuck with it. But I made it to the bottom without much difficulty. And that’s the key on race day. I won’t win a belt buckle on this descent, but I could loose it.

On my way back into town I rode the Boulevard. Found my line and cleaned it.

Thought for the day:

Today was the best day I had on my bike since getting to Leadville. I’ve now gone up or down 3 out of the 5 major climbs in the race. Not been on Columbine (saving that for he race). The climb to Carter (the last major climb)…its paved. Except for the fact that it comes so late in the race, its not too bad.

Tomorrow is a rest day. But worry not, I do believe I will have some very interesting pictures to post.

Speaking of pictures. Here is the picture of the day. Luckily we do not have to go all the way to the top of the Powerline:



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