Leadville Day 7: Boom Days

Today was a day of rest from biking (I get two days off this week, lucky me). So nothing much on the riding side to post. Instead I spent the morning at Leadville Boom Days. And what you may be asking yourself is Boom Days? Well in Leadville you dress up like gun fighters and shoot it out in the streets:


And if you are not racing a mountain bike, well you get to race a burro:


Seriously. Here are the women heading out onto their course:

(I love the woman being basically dragged by her burro down the road. I also love the burro that decided he wanted to go off into the crowd.)

This is apparently a pretty serious sport. They have an association, rules and race around the country. Now to their credit the open course was about 25 miles and the race takes about 4 hours. That’s a pretty significant run.

As an aside. I was talking with a couple of grizzled race vets this morning when a rookie came up asked some questions. Questions like: How much single track is there? What do people eat and drink during the race? Is the course steep? Is the course rocky? What kind of clothes to wear? (You know things you should really know before you get into this, like when you are training.) After he left I asked the vets what the over/under was on him finishing. It was not high.

Thought for the day:

1. Feeling rested time to get warmed up.

Its going to get busy here this week. I trust you will forgive me if the writing slows down a little. In the end it will all be covered.


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