Leadville Day 9: Uberfit

The riders are really rolling into Leadville now. Specialized has set up a shop for its team riders. Gu is here. There have been a lot of team kits riding around town. The uber fit team guys have arrived. The Leadville average BMI has dropped significantly.

You know what? It’s easy to look at those guys and feel…well like I have no business being here.

They are skinny guys, riding on expensive carbon bikes, with team cars that hold extra wheels in case they have a problem.

But here is the thing. I put my time in. I trained hard. My Titanium bike is cool (and probably the only Ti, Basso here in the race. Lots of Moots though). I’m well almost skinny (certainly skinnier than I have been in a long long time 😉 )

I have as much of a right to be here as any of them do. This race isn’t about them and their teams, and their bikes. It’s about me and the course.

Tomorrow my super crew starts to roll in. Coreen, Bailey and Noah come. Thursday Jenni, the super domestique, comes. I wouldn’t trade them for any team.

Picture of the Day


Beginnings and Endings on Many Levels


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