Leadville Day 10: Team Bohl Comes Alive

Team Bohl Base Camp came alive today…..well after it almost froze to death. Here let me explain.

I had a lot to do today. I needed to fit in a quick 1:30 ride then I needed to run to Denver to get the family from the air port. My problem was when to fit in the ride.

The forecast for today was for rain all day and cold temps. When I woke up it was dry so I decided to go for my ride before getting Coreen and the kids from the airport. And the ride started out dry. Then it drizzled a little bit. The it rained lightly. Then the combination of 40 degrees and wet gloves took it toll on my hands. And by the time I finished, numb city. Lesson learned. Wet is a problem when combined with cold.

Once I thawed out I headed to Denver (ah Denver so much oxygen…. 🙂 ) to get the first installment of the Team Bohl super crew. All things considered their flights were better than mine so no problems there.

Well Team Bohl Base Camp is getting busy. See Coreen baked a cake:


This one is going to be fantastic……

Tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun. Jenni comes. Some lunch time fun. And I think a movie in the evening. Stay tuned!

Picture of the day:


I call this one: “AUGUST 7….what’s wrong with this picture?”

(Umm yeah, that’s fresh snow.)


3 thoughts on “Leadville Day 10: Team Bohl Comes Alive

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