Leadville Eve

Friends it has been a whirlwind two day but here we are the night before Leadville.

Yesterday was about having some fun, and trying to not get too wrapped up in the preparations. We had a nice lunch with Elden and Lisa (the Fat Cyclist and the Hammer).


Elden and Lisa looked at me, declared me fit, and predicted a finish time for me. (No I am not sharing that time with all of you). It was nice to sit and chat and relax with them. Made the FC blog too!

And I have been remiss. I finally got to meet Chris (From the Pavement’s Edge) on Tuesday. Chris and I rode a little Tuesday morning. And we had dinner courtesy of his own supper support wife Mandy.

Yesterday was a nice break.


Then we get to today. Quick pre ride to warm up


Race plate on the bike


Then the race meeting


Visited the aid stations with my super crew.

Packed my equipment/supplies up for each station.

Then finally the traditional spaghetti dinner. Elden saw us eating and came over.

Elden: “You nervous?”

Me: “Yes.”

Elden: “Me too.”

We chatted for a little bit. It is somewhat comforting to hear that he is nervous. It’s also somewhat terrifying.

I sit here and I am nervous. I have not been sleeping well (which is par for the course). I don’t feel great physically (something wrong with my sinuses which is giving me a little headache and messing with my balance just a little bit, yeah!). And I am going to embark on something that is pretty darn hard, harder than anything I have ever done with a bike.

People are wishing me well, saying they know I can do it.

I appreciate that support and confidence. I still feel queezy. I still feel nervous.

Irregardless (and yes I know that is not a proper English word ;)) tomorrow I ride.

One section of the race at a time. One obstacle at a time.




4 thoughts on “Leadville Eve

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