Race Across the Sky: Part 1

A wise man (Fat Cyclist) told me that it would take 7 days to process what happened in Leadville during the race. I am going to try to do some writing and thinking while some of this is fresh in my mind. Revisionist history can come later.

The Team Bohl logo was designed by my creative brother.  With a couple of elements that I wanted on it:


The first quote is from Elden and is a tongue and cheek way of talking about suffering. The second is from Vince Lombardi and goes to overcoming suffering. Both of these quotes would become important by the time the day ended.

The start of Leadville is at 6:30 am (how else are you going get a 12 hour bike ride in?) that means that you have to get up much much earlier. The day started at 4:30. With me cooking pancakes


Pretty boring but I tolerate them well when I am riding long and hard.

One of the things I did well was to be pretty well organized. The night before I filled my bottles with mix and get them ready in the morning for filling:


Each crew team had a bag of “food”, clothes, and bike parts.

We headed out to the race at 5:30 so that I could do a quick warm up. It was about 32F at that time in the morning (Jenni had frost on the window of her car when we left. Frost! August 10!) and so staying warm was really important. One of the things I did was tape over the vents in my mtb shoes to keep my feet a little warmed. Jenni provided the tape, which of course was pink! Perfect with the Neapolitan FC kit. I decide that some inspirational words on the tape would be helpful during the day. So on the left:


(fight like a girl) and on the right


The right was all names of strong girls I needed to be as strong as during the day.

Some help from Coreen getting hand warmers going to keep my hands from freezing


And into the starting blocks.


I felt strong and not nervous. Ready to go. It was a little funny. All of those excited bikers, feeling good with lots of energy. You look around and you just know that at the end of the day, its likely to be a different story. But you also know that there will be 1500 stories to be told.

Picture of the Day


Jenni took this picture the day before the race.



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