Race Across the Sky: Afterword

You all now pretty much know now what my race was like. The climbs, the flats, the finish (not your typical finish BTW. Most people get to celebrate 😉 )

Once I started feeling better we went home so that Team Bohl could eat (I couldn’t do that) and get cleaned up (I definitely did that). Slowly we all came back down to earth and eventually we headed to bed to end what had been a long and eventful day for all of us.

Sunday was awards day. It was all about the people and their stories.

Ricky McDonald has ridden in all 20 Leadville mtb races. This year he was carrying the ashes of John Dunbar. John was the man with ALS in the 2010 Race Across the Sky video. He died a couple of weeks ago. Ricky spread the ashes on the top of the Columbine climb at the aid station.

I heard them call out Roxanne Hall’s name, and time. Right around 8:30. She too was featured in the 2010 video and had been recovering from a life threatening car accident the year before. No doubt she’s strong.

The stories went on and on.  I loved talking with other riders and families about their day. I even got to say hi to the girl in the rainbow socks.

I got my buckle…and finally my hug from Merrielle. Ken and I talked about how we met on the slopes of Whiteface Mountain.


Then I was done.

I have to thank my super crew for their help. Like so many others in that race I had “the best crew ever” working to support me.

My Mom and Dad came and spent their vacation in Colorado with me this summer. They didn’t get up at 4:30 am, but they were at the finish line at 5:00 pm and they made the important calls when my head was hanging between my legs. The got to see their kid do something stupid hard and that was all the support I needed.

Jenni. You should check out her blog if you haven’t done that already. Jenni and I met 3 years ago at the LiveStrong Philly ride (there Jenni you can update your blog ;)). I made a number of good friends on that ride who I continue to value deeply. I asked Jenni if she wanted to come to CO to crew for me, and she was all in. Jenni is a great soul and in spite of her hyperness helped me stay focused.


I mean how is it not awesome to have that smiling face crewing for you?????

Then there is my family.


Bailey is my 15 year old son. He is a great kid. Like me in many ways, but different enough that I don’t understand him. Thank you Bailey for spending the day helping me.

Noah is my other son 11 years old. If you rode Leadville in 2012 you may in fact know Noah. He spent the day with me at the Columbine Aid station making soup for the riders. He is a super volunteer and this year he was all mine.

And Coreen. Does that green hat look familiar? It should. Here try this one:


Green hat, strong arms just kind of holding me till I could gather myself a little bit.

It has been quite a year. Coreen, you gave me the opportunity to do this. You never complained when I had to go out and spend a day riding. The only time you got really mad at me was when I was late getting home from a ride and you were scared something happened. You are my world. I love you more than anything (That’s all I have to say bout that).


Oh wait, there is one more thing to say about Coreen. She is signed up and training for her first half marathon in October. I cannot wait to be standing on the roadside handing her bottles and stingers!

You get a couple of “things” for finishing Leadville under 12 hours. This is my “hall”, my “booty” my “take”:


It’s probably $50 or $75 worth of stuff. Kind of ridiculous if you think about it. (The stupid belt buckles continues to cost me money, I bought a belt yesterday so that I could wear it.)

Here is the thing. It was and adventure and yeah, it was worth it.

I think that most rookies get the question “Would you do it again?” I am proud to say I did not get that question from my crew. Nope no sir. What I got, after I had showered, but while I still would have given even odds on throwing up, was this from Jenni:

“So what are you going to do differently next time?”

Jenni, if that is an indication of the “what-if’s” you didn’t say on Friday before the race to respect my calm, thank you so much for keeping yourself contained! At that moment this is what I felt like:

“There ain’t goina be no rematch.” But……

Picture of the Day


Just because you think you are hallucinating doesn’t mean you actually are….


4 thoughts on “Race Across the Sky: Afterword

  1. Great story, Greater Ride, Doug! Fantastic to have your family there to see you at the finish and to inspire you all year long! With only a pinch of the determination you have I asked Wife#1 about seeking out a coach…..

    You’re a BAD man sir, a Bad Man. Hats off to you!

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