Home, what now?

Yesterday we left Colorado and headed home. After the trials and tribulations that was getting TO Colorado, getting home was a total breeze. We (and all of our stuff) all made it without any delays. We didn’t even see a deer when we were driving home.

I hit my bed and I slept the best I have in….well lets see…..3 weeks :).

Hopefully your home is your favorite place, because my home is mine. Here is the view from my back porch:


You know what? No matter how wet Colorado has been it will never be as green as where I live. I missed my kitchen, my pots, and my cooking knives (you who cook know exactly what I mean here). I’m glad to be back.

I have a couple of things I want to write to wrap up this current phase in my life. I hope to get to them this week.

First, “Leadville: What I did wrong (or why the Big Bonk)”. I finished. I finished at my original goal time (the one I had before I got to altitude and revised it). But why didn’t I get to enjoy the last 1.5 miles?

Second, “What comes next?” This is a two parter, and in it I will answer the “Would you do it again?” question. I also will talk about what I am hoping/planning to do back here in Potsdam. I am really excited about something I want to get going here.

So today, I am riding (with oxygen) and getting myself back together.


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