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I promised last week that I would have two looking forward things to say here before I was done. The first was what am I going to race next year. Today’s post is more about something I want very much to do……..

As part of the 100 Miles of Nowhere this year we received digital rights to watch Single Track High. What I didn’t say in that post was that I was really really interested in starting a local high school mtb team and be a part of NICA with it. I had to back burner that a little bit because of the whole getting ready for Leadville thing. I was too busy to start something new.

Flash forward to Leadville and Thursday night…..low and behold……Austin McInery (executive director of NICA) is putting on a showing of Single Track High for the Leadville crowd. I was reminded how much I want to do this back home. (Heck even Coreen was inspired by the movie and said I really need to do this.) The end was in sight as far as Leadville went. And so….

Part 2 of what comes next (No I am still NOT doing Leadville next year, thanks Yeti) is getting a NICA team going here in the great Potsdam Metropolitan area. I have contacted some select adults and am trying to get some of them organized so we can get some kids in the fall and move forward with that.

I’m still too busy to take another thing on. But this feels like a change year personally and professionally. I am curious to see where I am and what I am doing next year at this time.

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2 thoughts on “More Next

  1. Awesome! I have yet to sit through the entire movie and I have been inspired as well. Good for you moving forward with this. I have been making some quiet inquiries and haven’t move forward, yet, but it is coming. I applaud your efforts and feel that it is very important to get kids involved for the future of the sport!

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