I have pretty much decided that I am replacing my faithful mtb with a new one.


That’s my awesome, classic Ti mountain bike. Worm and I have had so many adventures together. Heck, I went to the ER for the first time ever because of Worm. (Ok, maybe that wasn’t Worm’s fault, but I was on Worm for that.) Worm and I raced Whiteface (twice) and Leadville. Worm is a great bike.  When I was riding up Columbine one guy said “Wow a Basso MTB. I had one of those, best bike I ever owned.” Worm has a soul.

I could upgrade Worm. I found a place that will weld disc brake bosses onto the back of the frame. (He is rim brake only right now.) That would address one of Worm’s biggest problems. I could change the wheel set and put tubeless wheels on him.

In the end though, Worm is not the right bike for the kind of racing/riding I am doing. I really should be on something with a 29″ wheel. They really are better for distance/endurance racing. Worm will never take any wheel bigger than a 26″ wheel (yes I tried to get a 650b wheel into him, it won’t work. I would have done that in a heartbeat).

So I am on the hunt. My coach is a strong proponent of carbon (Felt in particular, he rides for Felt). Its light and stiff. Somehow its not me though. I am having a hard time seeing myself on a carbon mass produced bike. They lack something. They lack Worm’s soul.

I began to search the world of Ti bikes for “my” 29’er. There are a lot of frame builders out there. Custom US, generic Chinese, even some Russian frames. Moots? Holy heck, even for expensive bikes they are expensive. Chinese? I hear some good things and some bad things.

Then I stumbled onto what I hope will be my bike. Here is a picture


That my friends is a Salsa El Mariachi Ti. Read the description. That bike has me written all over it. That bike has soul. That’s a bike you could ride in Leadville, or Whiteface……… or on the Tour Divide.

(I am trying to find a new home for Worm. New human must love him and appreciate him as much as I do.)


5 thoughts on “Lust

    • Did I say Tour Divide? Was that out loud?

      Yes she knows….She actually thought I was going to do that when I made the Leadville announcement. Its just a matter of finding the right summer.

  1. I also want a Salsa bike for touring! I share the same perspective on carbon bikes. Besides, I’m the clumsiest cyclist ever and would probably crack it before ever getting it home from the store. I want to be aggressive with my bike without worrying that one wrong crack will destroy the whole thing.

  2. You want to dispose, barter, get rid of, liquidate, dump, clear out, bargain, or peddle (get it) the thing that allowed you to achieve a personal dream and achievement?

    This should hang on the wall in the Living Room with your time and picture within the triangle. Or as a shrine in the corner of the room like you find in the corner of a Chinese Restaurant.

    To say good-bye to this bike after it has taken you so far would be like saying “so long, honey” now that you have your sons. I hope she doesn’t read your blog.

    There, done. I love my Turner 5Spot FS, and can’t say goodbye…yet, but I do LOVE my 29er’s.
    Now may I suggest an Ericksen:
    or a wooden Renovo (’cause how cool would that be?):

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