Fall’s a Comin

It’s in the air. You can tell. You can feel it.


Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend. The time when summer is officially over and everything associated with summer closes. This has always made me laugh. Some of the BEST weather comes after Labor Day. Quitting on summer after labor day is like..well…it’s like passing on spring skiing. Spring skiing is a gift from the gods. And going for a long bike ride when the leaves are changing? Biking nirvana. (Well except for the slippery wet leaves on the road or trail, that’s not always fun!)

Another way I know fall is coming is that we had the first Adirondack Luge Club event of the season: our summer Starts and Wheels Clinic. We practice our start “technique” (such as it is) on the indoor starting ramp at the Luge offices. Here is my youngest son Noah trying his hand.


Noah has never really been all that excited about luge. (If you know Noah, you know that is a huge understatement. I actually think a section of hell may have frozen over when he got onto that sled.) I don’t think anything will come from this, but hey he got on a real luge sled. How many of you can say that! Even though Noah isn’t excited about the beginning of luge season, I am. Well excited and nervous, but that’s what its all about.

Anyway I wanted to think/write about how my summer training and riding went and since a picture is worth a thousand words (cause right at this very moment I have sooo much work I am procrastinating on I need to balance things and so a picture is more efficient…stop typing Doug….sorry did I say that out loud?) here is how I would rate my summer:


That’s a serious biker tan. And (though its a little hard to tell in the picture) I actually have a two-tone tan, making my arm three different shades of Doug. How awesome is that? I’ll tell you (since you were wondering). It’s 255 hours and 3500 miles of outside biking awesome. (So far ;))

Not get out and ride your bikes, or run, or canoe, or hike, or do something. It’s a great time of the year.

Picture of the Day


“Ready” (another one from super crew member, Jenni. BTW, Jenni is running an auction to benefit the Young Survivors Coalition. You might think about bidding on something.)



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