It’s a Comin

Yup. It’s a Comin. No, not fall again. We already covered that. Nope. What’s coming is a potential tail kicking. And its coming fast.

I wanted to do one more race this fall. My legs are pretty much totally recovered from Leadville and it seamed like a waste to NOT do another race this fall. But there were requirements. Something close, something fun, hopefully something long. So I looked, and looked, and looked.

And I found a couple of potentially fun races. But they all had a problem. This one was full. Coreen was going away that weekend. That one was too far away. Etc. It was a struggle. What was I left with?

Well……we are having an intercollegiate race here are Clarkson Sept. 14 and 15. And the nice people who are organizing it have added an “open” class so that all of us guys not on a college team can race it. Hey cool, that fits close to a “T”. What’s the problem?

Well….there are two races I can enter. One is a XC race. Its going to be 2 or 3 laps on the single track behind my office. The other is a “short track” race (think criterium on a MTB). Both have open classes (meaning anyone can enter them). Again Doug what’s the problem (Shut up Yeti! I’m getting to that.)

Well…. 1. I am not very good (read painfully slow) on single track. I’m learning, but the reality is that I have been riding MTB for about 2 years. I am still learning. 2. We have some really really good technical riders here. Guys who are experienced downhill and XC racers. 3. Both are short distances. I expect each race to be 1-1.5 hours long. I am all trained up right now to go 10:25 hours (apparently 10:30 is about 5 minutes too long for me ;)). I will have no advantage in these races. And 4. Well you are going to have to wait to find out why I am going to be making this race even more interesting for me. Monday I should be able to say what 4 is.

So, I am getting reading to compose my race report in the proper format. It may start with “Well….. I got my ass kicked. There was blood. Here is the story….”

Picture of the Day


“Feather” (That’s the picture name, and a reminder for the race)


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