Balance.  To me that means keeping my crap in order and making sure that all parts get some attention. Finding time for family, for play and for work. Right now I am in search of that. Its complicated.

Work has been crazy this week. I have had one of those weeks where the job is just to keep the critical balls in the air. Ever have one of those?

I am teaching a class on teaching. It’s called “Foundations of Teaching College Engineering” and its for graduate students who want to become faculty. Historically “we” (meaning those of us in the ivory tower) have not trained future ivory tower folk on how to teach. Kind of crazy when you think about it. So I am doing my little part and helping those I can affect to be good teachers when they leave here. Its kind of a difficult class for me to teach. I mean if you are teaching a class on teaching you really are expected to do an exceptional job. Its also my first time, which means it take a lot of time. A lot of time. Add to that my regular class I teach (with its associated 140 students). Then top it off with university service: hiring committee (Have you ever read 40 resumes in two days? Ug.); curriculum committee (did you ever wonder who came up with those stupid requirements you need to check to get a college degree? This class, this number of credits, these electives. Well that’s me now), TA orientation. And it had been a very busy week. My own graduate students and research (what I ACTUALLY need to do to get promoted so that I can do what I actually want when I “grow up”) get the short end of that deal.

I skipped my Tai Chi class this morning to make room for some of those balls up in the air. (Yes I take Tai Chi. I tried Yoga, it wasn’t for me. Tai Chi well that’s a martial art. Yeah they are hiding relaxation and meditation in it, but if I tell myself its a martial art it seams better. And 100 Billion people in China can’t be wrong can they?)

I’m not complaining (OK well I am just a little bit). But things are a little out of whack. Time to refocus. Look at the Leaville race plate on the board above the computer, take it one piece at a time. Just like the ride.

It’s important to make time for all parts of life. (Thanks Yeti, I’m working on it. Hey are you ever going to leave me alone?) Nope you are stuck with me. (OK. I guess I have a face and name to go with my internal voice now. Can’t say Leadville didn’t give me anything.)

Time to clear some stuff off the plate.

Picture of the Day


“Reminders Amid the Chaos” (Can you spot them, there are a couple :))


4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Doug, when you have fewer balls in the air, we should talk about the “teaching of teaching.” My focus is K-12, but I’m an engineer by training. I currently consult in the area of applying adaptive digital technology to the classroom to better engage students, better support teacher classroom management, and get better results. Oh, yes, and for less money.

    Also, there are not 100 billion people in China. Yet. I hope my correcting you on that point (which I suspect you knew) does not trigger your going all martial arts on me!

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