XC in Pictures

Quickie today. A Clarkson Student, Ashley, was at the race on Saturday taking pictures. (She promised to not take any pictures of me with my wheels not pointed down.)

doug cu xc2-1

Coming back on the hiking trail. Getting ready for some more single track.

doug cu xc smile-1

Yes, I really do smile (periodically) when I am racing…..

doug cu xc tasty-1

Some “tasty” single track (I never ate it during this race šŸ˜‰ )

These trails are really nice and flowy. Nothing really technical. Just a nice trail in the woods to get into the single track frame of mind. I am very very luck to have these behind my office. I can just throw on a jersey, grab my bike, and do an hour during the day when I have a chance.

Here is the start courtesy of Brendan (Clarkson Cycling Club President). He did a great job organizing this event.

clarkson xc start

Do you see the 44 year old lurking at the start? (What the heck am I doing racing these “kids” anyway????)

And the Picture of the Day

doug cu xc1-1

Apprentice Journeyman Mountain Biker” (Bike leaned, shoulders turned, head looking into the turn)

Thanks Ashley!


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