Motivation and Adrenaline

Yesterday my training plan called for a 2:45 endurance ride. “Ride how you feel. If you feel good include zones 3-4. If not keep it zones 1-2.” I geared up to head out. I knew it was going to be chilly (around 40F) and so I put on a base layer under my short sleeved jersey and headed out to the garage. Then I headed back in the house and put on a long sleeve jersey. Then I added shoe covers. Then I added full gloves. Then I added a second glove. Heck it felt cold. Riding on my road bike, into the mountains, compounded the coldness of the ride. (Work forced me to go out in the morning. It was 70 by mid afternoon, when I was in meetings and meeting with students…)

At the start of Leadville it was around 32 F (we had frost on the car windows when we went to the race). I had on a short sleeved jersey with arm warmers. No shoe covers. One set of full gloves. I didn’t feel cold.

The difference? Motivation and Adrenaline. It didn’t matter that it was cold. Motivation and Adrenaline make up for a lot.

Right now there is nothing on my race schedule. Yes I have ORAMM and Wilmington Whiteface on the schedule (look to the right, the count down timers are there), but those are for next year and they are just plans right now. They don’t feel real. There is a whole season of luge between me and then (with its associated bumps and bruises, a much MUCH more immediate threat!).

I usually get like this in the fall. Right now I have 3900 miles and 300 hours of riding on my legs this year (not counting indoor training time and distance). And its harder to get motivated to go out and suffer. Riding feels a little more like work. (Drew if you are reading this, don’t worry, have no mercy. I’m not burnt out ;))

It will be OK. This is just the normal days are getting shorter cycling cycle.

Picture of the Day

fall window-1

“Fall Sunrise”

That’s the view from my office window, it doesn’t suck.



2 thoughts on “Motivation and Adrenaline

  1. I would counter that the difference between 32F in Leadville Colorado and 40+F degrees in the east is the difference in humidity.

    Our first Christmas visit back to KY from CO we left DIA and it was 32F and arrived in LEX and it was 32F but felt intensely colder. The air was wicked damp in KY.

    Motivation and adrenaline play a huge part though šŸ˜‰

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