Biking Rule #12

While we are on the topic of biking rules, one of THE most important rules is Biking Rule #12. All bikers are away of this rule. Rule #12 states:

Rule #12

“The correct number of bikes to own is n+1.

While is minimum number of bikes one should own is 3, the correct number is n+1, where n is the number of bikes currently owned. This equation may also be re-written as s-1, where s is the number of bikes owned that would result in separation from your partner”

Things are a little out of hand in my garage right now. Here take a look.


That’s a mighty fine view. I do note for the record that the newest bike in the stable is not mine, but rather Coreen’s. Coreen has made some noise about wanting to do some sprint tri’s next summer and so she needed a better bike than she currently has (a hybrid hand-me-down from, well me) A friend was selling a road bike she was no longer using. The price was right, so we bought it. I also note that one of the bikes in that picture (the pink/blue Orbea) belongs to a guest who is staying in our basement.

But here is the problem. There is no room in that garage for Coreen’s car.

Coreen puts up with a lot about my biking “hobby” thing. She comes out in the cold to see me start


She even helps when things don’t go totally according to the plan


(Hey I have seen those pictures before…Shut up Yeti, Coreen is awesome and if I want to say nice things about her and show pictures as examples of her awesomeness I will!)

Anyway, the one line that my biking cannot cross is taking up the space in the garage for her car when winter comes. She really doesn’t like scraping ice or snow off of her windshield.

This is all a long way of saying I am officially in the caveat section of Biking Rule #12 (the s-1 part).

And so its decision time. The old MTB Worm, is for sale. We know that he needs to go so that I will no longer be in debt for the new bike. The hybrid bike will likely winter with us and then go up for sale in the spring. Its a good college kid bike, and hey I work at a college.  Noah’s old bike (the 20″ he rode in his race last summer) is currently being “tested” by the daughter of a colleague. While it is the wrong color (blue is NOT a girls bike color), I think it has found a new home. That leaves me with 3 bikes, Coreen with 1 bike and each of the kids with a bike. Kind of manageable.

But here is the thing. One of my bikes is Truck. He is a touring bike. He has fenders, a rack, and paniers. He was the bike I bought when I first moved up here and I used him to commute into work. As my biking has progressed I have used him less. My training has become more formal and I haven’t been bike commuting. And over the past year I have ridden him outside only once. He has been relegated to winter service on the trainer. He is clearly under utilized.

In many ways the new bike Aistaer has replaced him in the stable. I had thought about bike touring with Truck, but that has shifted to bikepacking. I thought about biking across the US but that has shifted from an East/West route on roads to a North/South route on trails. I could commute on Aestair. He is rack ready (something I will ultimately need for the cross country bike ride race ride race). But he is not really set up for road touring. He has some pretty stout MTB tires on him. Great for gripping corners on dirt, not so great for rolling on pavement.

My LBS owner has offered to take Worm on trade for a set of wheels. These wheels would go onto Aestair and fit something like a, oh I don’t know, 38 mm slick tire. Something that would be good for commuting (as opposed to my fat mtb tires). (Would these wheels would also fit a CX tire? Shut up Yeti, I have enough problems already).

It is decision time. Is it time for 3 to become 2?


5 thoughts on “Biking Rule #12

  1. You forgot to mention your amazingly wonderful wife gets up at ridiculously early hours to launch you on your races…and she is NOT a morning person…

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