A Year?

When I was in Leadville I rode with Chris (who lives at the Pavements Edge). Chris asked me what I was going to do about this blog. (See even if Leadville is a haze in my mind, I still do remember things, here is proof.) You see the name “A Year of Living….” kind of dictates a time limit.

I don’t really feel like I am finished yet. I think I am going to take this thing one year at a time. It’s looking like the summer of 2014 may actually be more challenging and dangerous exciting than 2013 was. Leadville was hard and challenging but that is because of the length and altitude. The actual course itself isn’t too too bad.

I think next years moment is going to come at ORAAM. Here is the profile for ORAAM


That’s about 12,000 ft of climbing packed into a 63 mile course. Distance? No worries there. The climbs are mostly dirt or paved roads. No worries there either. I can do that. Nope the exciting thing are the downhills.

My coach was in NC a little while ago training near the ORAAM course. He posted a video on how to do rocky sections of single track

This was the exchange that occurred after that:

Doug: Drew is that pretty typical of what I will see at ORAMM next year?

Drew: ORAMM will be tougher then that…..it’s not flat like that. It’s super steep, scary technical stuff at ORAMM. Either that or a 2 hour climb on fireroad! That technical terrain at Syllamos is more “flowy” type…..ORAMM is up or down most of the time, steeper, faster, bigger drops. Less finesse required at ORAMM and more guts.

BTW. I don’t really feel like I am trying to one-up anything. ORAAM is just the next thing I am doing.

So with luge season coming up in a couple of weeks and ORAAM on the horizon, I am going to declare 2014 a “Year of Living Dangerously”.

Picture of the Day

doug at nationals



4 thoughts on “A Year?

  1. Man, that’s the longest its ever taken someone to answer my question about blogging. 😉

    In the couple of months since Leadville I’ve found myself drastically changing my future outlook in regards to cycling. I was all ramped up to keep doing long endurance rides, but now I think I’m scaling back so I can focus on getting better technically, and in just having fun doing it. I know I’ll want to do longer rides as the months wear on, but for now I think I’m content to keep doing hour or two hour long rides.

    • I do my best to be prompt Chris. I like long rides. I like getting into that frame of mind. ORAAM will be a very different challenge. It will require getting into that frame of mind, but also being present and in the moment (or you risk crashing). I think ORAAM could be mentally more challenging that Leadville. Physically it will be close (almost as much climbing in 40 less miles), but I think mentally it will be exhausting. (God, how can anything be more mentally challenging than Leadville????)

  2. Now personally that single track looks more fun than Leadville. Yes I have checked out ORAMN.
    Going to go out an try a 7k ride Tuesday. Downhill Singletrack Thursday?

    • Leadville is one kind of Epic. ORAMM is another kind of Epic. Leadville takes pure willpower. ORAMM takes pure guts. I have a year to find my guts.

      Have fun at the Fondo this weekend. Give Elden a kiss and tell him its from me! 🙂

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