Cure for “The Funk”

I’ve been in a funk this week. It’s been a challenging week for me personally.

One of the things that helps me to get out of “The Funk” (that’s a technical term BTW) is a nice bike ride. So yesterday I used my training ride to do some trail riding. And I stole borrowed my GoPro from work. So I present to you a look at my home single track. These trails are literally outside my office door which means I am super lucky to live and work where I do. These trails were the ones that I did the Clarkson XC race on a couple of weeks ago.

What you miss in the video are the rocks and roots on the trail. It looks pretty smooth when you watch the video. It is in many places, others not so much. There are a lot of leaves down on the trail right now. It’s a little easier to follow the trail in “real life” than on the video (so I am NOT making up the route!). The leaves add a challenge in that you don’t get a clear view of what you are riding over. It’s important to be soft on the bike and let it roll over the things you cannot see. Absorb the bumps and rocks with your knees and arms. It’s not so bad right now because we are pretty dry. But when wet, the leaves present a slippery hidden obstacle course.

The other thing you miss in the video is the smell. Fall is full on in the North Country. It’s a season that you can smell. The falling leaves give a rich earthy aroma that I love.

The video is about 9 minutes long. If nothing else the music is awesome! (Hope you don’t get motion sick 🙂 )

Music: “Bouncing Round the Room” – Phish, “The Distance” – Cake, “Hells Bells” – Hayseed Dixie

(Funk getting better. Love holding office hours for my students with dirt on my face…..)


9 thoughts on “Cure for “The Funk”

  1. Great Video Doug. I’ll have to share a local lap with you soon.
    Sorry to see the trees losing their leaves, didn’t realize you were having a drought back there.
    9 minutes of video and what, 75ft of climbing? That sounds like fun!

    • Depending on how you measure it, there is about 300 ft of elevation gain per lap on that course (so yeah 75 ft in the 9 minutes of the 30 minute lap is about right). It is pretty “flat”, Mostly up and down dips. Couple of “longer” ones, but I would call it flat.

      The leaves are right on schedule, maybe even a little behind (its been warm). We are dry but nowhere near drought.

  2. The leaves are supposed to come off? What’s with that?

    I do think that trail will be a hoot on your new ‘Fat Tire 9Zero7 Christmas bike!

    • Humm. Did Santa tell you something about my Christmas gifts?

      Anyway, in the most of the world there are things call “seasons”. I know that’s foreign to you California folk. But it is true.

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