This weekend we christened a new endurance athlete in the family……

The tribe headed to Connecticut for the Hartford ING Marathon. Coreen was running in her first half. This is something she has been working towards for over a year. The idea came to her last year when the half marathon route ran past the house she grew up in. She didn’t get to run last year, but this year the race got onto her schedule. She developed her own training program, stuck with it and gutted out some injuries she had.

One of her training strategies was to have a running partner. And in fact her training partner, Missy, came along with to run the half with Coreen. Coreen also, kind of jokingly invited her sister to run it with them. Jessica has been running longer than Coreen, but has not ever run long distances. We were both a little surprised when Jessica also committed to flying in from Austin for the race.

As the race approached I think she had some nervous butterflies that go along with the “doing hard thing for the first time” event. But I knew she was ready. Since this race was really Coreen’s I give you a running race more or less in pictures…..

Pancakes the breakfast of champions!


Troops ready to go….


(Jessica, Coreen, Missy)

The weather was perfect. Cool but not cold. Sunny with the rain pushed out of the forecast. (Jessica requested no snow. Happy to oblige!)

The Hartford Ing Marathon is a big event. There were over 15,000 people there to run the marathon, half marathon and 5k events. My bike racing mind thought about what 1500 bikers looked like. But here look a portion of the 15,000 runners….15,000!


Where’s Waldo?????


Other troops ready (and hoping not to have to) go……


Eventually the race started, 10 minutes later everyone crossed the starting line. And so I now got to do something new on race day….go to Starbucks, grab a book, and wait it out. It was a funny feeling to be at a race and not be kitted up. Of course  this was a run, and so I was more than happy to not be kitted up.  🙂

After about 2 hours I made my way to the finish shoot (along with a couple of thousand of other people) to watch for Coreen (the other couple thousand people were obviously there to look for Coreen too!). I managed to see her run in (looking good), yelled her name, and got a smile from her.

Coreen and Missy ran the race together and finished in 2:21. Jessica split from the group and finished in 2:05. All of them met their goals.


I am proud of my runner girl….who I hear may never run another half (which I only half believe)…..but is considering some sprint tri’s next summer.

Picture of the Day


“Fight Like a Girl”


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