I’m on the road this weekend and I am stoked about it (well not the driving part but the destination part).

How stoked? So stoked I gave up the first weekend of luge season, happily. (You were happy to give that up for other reasons. Yeti,  here you are COMPLETELY wrong. I’m excited for luge season. Next weekend I slide!)

This weekend I am going to the NY High School Cycling League’s Coaches Clinic. The NY High School Cycling League is the New York chapter of NICA. Going to the coaches clinic is one of the steps you need to take to be certified as a high school MTB coach through NICA and one of the steps you need to get a high school MTB team established. Yeah its happening! There seams to be enough interest up here for the team. The LBS is into it (they think we can get bikes donated). The local school is into it. And town administration is into it. Time to do some work.

So this weekend in stead of sliding on the track in Lake Placid opening day, I am going to learn how to be a MTB coach, how to start a high school team, and how to manage said team.

Don’t think this weekend won’t be filled with Danger though. Lee McCormack who wrote “Mastering Mountain Biking Skills” will be there to do a skills clinic. Lee is directly responsible for my worst crash on a bike ever. The one that landed me square in the ER a little over a year ago. I get to confront my demon!

Picture of the Day

noah bike2

“The Reason”


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