Today I was going to write about my hockey game Monday night. I was going to praise myself for my development and lament my apparent inability to actually control a puck. But I am not in that space now and that post doesn’t feel genuine.

Nope. Today’s post: Feeling like a slacker

I’ve been slacking on my riding the past couple of weeks. I just haven’t been into it. It’s true that I have been fantastically busy the past couple of weeks. But its equally true that I have not put much effort into finding the time to do my training and riding. Fatty wrote a post last week about being cooked. I really related to that post. Fatty was a maniac this summer with his riding. My season wasn’t anywhere close to the effort he put in, but I related.

I think slacking was OK. I was tired. Next year seams far away. Today I am still in that space a little bit. But last weekends NICA Leadership Summit has started to energize me. It has given me a bike related goal that is more present. I need to learn how to ride my bike so I can teach others how to do that. What I wanted to do on Monday was ride my bike. In a parking lot. Practicing balance and turns. But I played hockey Monday instead. (Which was fun, but frustrating. Stupid puck.) Tuesday is my really busy day this semester and so has been my rest day. I kept that.

And so I brought my bike to work today. That’s not unusual but what is a little different is I am looking forward to sneaking out of my office to ride this morning. The trails are calling my name.


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