So I was reading a blog from a new “virtual” friend at The Playful Life and posted a comment. To which she commented by calling me Mr. Multisport (Umm.. Ms. Multisport. Hello pot the kettle is calling. CX, SUP, surfing, etc. etc. etc.). But it got me thinking. I know the sport I can win in. Duathalons!

Not traditional duathalons. Nope. Mountain bike/luge duathalons! It’s perfect.

Look, I am not likely to win many mountain bike races. The men’s 40-49 age class is just way too strong. Luge, well solid “B” group slider. BUT how many mountain biking lugers do you know? Huh? Yeah, I thought so.

So I am starting a new federation. The International Luge/MTB Duathalon Association. I can take that field.

Wait. The number 1 US men’s luger is a good mtb’er and a really good athlete……

Crap. Sigh.


6 thoughts on “Duathalon

  1. Yeah, but how old is said champion luger/MTBer? It may just be that you need to set the age brackets correctly. Plus, there’s more than one step on the podium–just ask Fatty.

    More to the point, is he willing to risk his luge status by entering an actual MTB competition? It’s one thing to ride the trails. It’s another thing to race them.

    Hey, maybe make it a triathlon and throw in some engineering analysis or something …

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