With winter full on up in the North Country biking has turned into an indoor activity. (Today we are having “freezing fog”. Nice eh?)

A couple of years ago some friends and I stumbled on the Sufferfest videos. The videos are bike workouts you can do inside on a trainer. They have film from bike races and are set to thumping music. And as a bonus they were relatively inexpensive so we bought a bunch of them.

Last year I was working with Drew and he had a regimented schedule for my winter training. I watched A LOT of movies during my workouts last winter. But since I am on my own to train this winter I pulled them out. And you know what? They make a whole lot more sense now that I have learned a little bit about training.

Usually the flow is something like a short 10(ish) minute warm up. Followed by some sort of interval workout and then a cool down. Huh. Well that sounds familiar.

There are interval workouts for long sustained efforts, short sprints, descending intervals, threshold criss-cross intervals, etc. They fit nicely into my winter interval/cross training plan.

Bikers, if you are stuck inside this winter, and are looking for a workout. Take a look at the Sufferfest video’s. Yeah, you’ll regret it now, but later….ah let the tail kicking begin!

Picture of the Day


“Pain Cave”

(Bring it!)


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