They WILL come….

A couple of weeks ago I talked about starting a high school mtb team in my town. Well today the journey continued. Today I held a student interest meeting at the school.

I have been working with a couple of teachers at the school to advertise and drum up some interest. When I got to the school today the teachers assured me that they had interested students.

So here is the tale of the tape. 15 kids interested. 8 of them GIRLS! In fact the girls were so excited about this that they looked around the room, noticed the lack of boys (many of the boys had other sports practices, so it was actually mostly girls at the meeting) and commented that maybe there would ONLY be a girls team. Ha!

This is perfect. I had been hoping for 5-10 kids for the team the initial year. Typically you will get about half of the interested kids to actually participate. Lets see 15 divided by 2, carry the one……Holy crap…..That’s 7.5 kids! That’s EXACTLY 5-10 kids.

Yeah, I am pumped.

OK, now…sign up the team, get the kids to sign up, parents meeting, wilderness first aid, concussion training, club at the school, get volunteers, get sponsors, find some bikes for kids who don’t have one……I got this under control.


4 thoughts on “They WILL come….

  1. I’m working on the very preliminary groundwork for this myself. Right now there’s one mtb area in development in an adjacent county, the possibility for development in my own county has just presented itself, and there are trail systems in quite a few other areas beyond those counties directly adjacent to my own. The trails are there and getting there, just got to drum up the interest now. Plus, the lack of bikes and gear in my area will be an even bigger hurdle than access to rideable areas.

    Good luck! Hope to hear more about it as the program develops!

    • Lots to do yet, but I think we have a really good start. I am stoked that we have so many girls interested. That’s awesome. My goal was to have a balanced team gender wise and I think we will be able to do that. Now the work begins.

  2. Doug. I hope you have the experience to handle teen age girls.(what you did 30 yrs ago does not count!) As the father of a 12 y.o. going on……oh never mind. Good luck to you.

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