I jumped on the scale the other day for the first time in a month or so. I didn’t really need to (cause I knew what it was going to say) but I did it anyway. It’s wasn’t bad, but it was a sign. I have definitely been slacking this fall. A little less riding/training a little more ice cream. And so a bump (Yes Jeff I know, good for luge). It was good to be honest.

This fall has been very very different from last. It seams the lack of the threat of significant pain at 12,600 feet has reduced my training focus. Go figure.

I also miss having Drew there keeping me on track. And you know, it wasn’t even that he was keeping me on track. It was the idea that he was there keeping me on track. It’s much easier and more motivating to have someone you have to answer to than when you don’t. It takes a lot of self motivation (well for me anyway) to be formal and serious about my training without that person to talk to.

Here’s the thing. I am missing riding outside right now. A friend commented that she was super excited to be riding a lot next summer. Those comments came when it was -20F (yes, there is a MINUS sign in front of that 20). Winter has come on hard and fast up here in the North Country. There is too much winter ahead to be thinking seriously about riding in the summer. If you get yourself thinking that far ahead, well January, February and March become very very long indeed.

I am excited about January. There is going to be a lot of luging in January and February. We have great track time leading up to the Empire State Games in February. (We compete on the same day as the Men compete in the Olympics, pretty cool!) My sled has been completely overhauled. (That should make for some exciting posts just after New Years! Nothing like a new sled to make life interesting on the track). Skiing looks to be getting good. It should be a fast and exciting winter. Oh and let’s not forget that the high school mountain bike team will get rolling. It should be busy and fun.

Irregardless (used that non-word again!), it’s definitely time to get off my tail end and be more serious about my training. So more Sufferfest. I down loaded Blender. It’s 1:44 of intense intervals. Yeah?


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