Monday Morning Slider (Wednesday Edition): Newbies

Believe it or not, you too could be a luger. The ADK Luge Club has a “try luge” program that allows you, the general public (as opposed to us regular sliding fools), to try luging. On Sunday last week, while I was having the best weekend of sliding I have had this year, I brought two friends with me to try luge.

Brian is on the faculty with me at Clarkson, and the other faculty here who is helping with our luge sled development program. He has gone down the track on a sled exactly once. I figured it was time to correct that. Emma works for St. Lawrence University as a coordinator for their ADK Semester program. During the fall she lives in our basement apartment. Well when she is not living in a tent with her students. Emma is a little crazy in her own right (she does things like white water rafting in Utah or Colorado, in the winter) and so I figured she would fit right in on the luge track.

It’s always fun to be around people who have never been on a luge sled, but who are about to. What do I do? Wait, how do I steer again? How fast is it going to be????? After sliding for a while you loose that new unknown feeling about luge (and replace it with frustration 😉 ).

The morning started in the sled shed where we found them sleds and helmets and gave them the 5 minute “this is how you slide talk”. That goes along with the “you cannot really hurt yourself from the tourist start, well badly anyway” talk. And the final “just relax and have fun” advice. Yeah like that’s possible.

I wasn’t originally planning on sliding on Sunday morning. I was going to shepherd the newbies. But Coreen came to take pictures of all of us and my sliding friends were jabbing at me to slide. So I geared up and sent my friends on to meet their own fate.

I didn’t really see them during the sliding session, but Coreen assured me that they were having a great time.


Here is Brian in the final curve before the finish. Looking pretty darn good.


And Emma in the same place on the track. This is a classic picture that we at sometime get from all new sliders. We call it the “giving birth” picture. Legs open, body learning up the curve (wrong direction Emma!). If you get this shot from the front it is usually accompanied by a huge look of shock or wonderment or panic (or all 3!) on the face.

We had time for 5 runs on Sunday morning and both made it safely down all 5 times. (It’s pretty rare to crash when you start at tourist start. Because I am a rare person, I managed to do it once when I was learning.)

When we got finished they were both pretty pumped. Talking about this corner or that corner or the start. Emma mentioned something about not breathing her first run down.

“You keep a record of times?”


“What were mine???”

Mission accomplished.

Picture of the Day




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