Monday Morning Slider: Bluck

Our winter is stinking big time in the North Country. First we had the big ice storm in December right before Christmas that gave a luge track in my back yard. That was followed up with some brutally cold temps where we didn’t get above 0 F for several days. At the end of last week it warmed up. Then it kept getting warmer. Then it started to rain. Saturday it was in the 50’s and raining. Two things happened. My luge track was seriously damaged by the weather. I am not sure if it will become slideable again.

The other thing that happened was our time on the real track Saturday night was canceled. The track is refrigerated so that you can slide on it when the temps go above freezing. But warm temps, plus rain, plus wind tend to overcome the refrigeration and so under those conditions they close the track to preserve the ice. Saturday sliding was cancelled for the luge club.

What a total bummer. I was all set to face the track (and the coach who has turned me into a project) but no go.

It could have been worse. Jeff (who pimped out my sled) was driving up from NYC. I got word to him that they track was closed about 2 hours into his drive. Double bummer for him. At least I didn’t drive before finding out we were closed down.

This winter has been lame. It’s been dry and when we do get some precipitation is seems like it is coming mostly in the form of rain. Right now my area is covered in a sheet of ice (literally). It’s hard to go outside to do anything because of the ice. I think it would be a bit much even for a fat bike with spiked tires.

More warm temps today and tomorrow. But then the weather is going to get colder. We should be good to slide next weekend.


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