Luge shout out!

It’s a big weekend in the luge wold. It’s US Luge National Master’s weekend. That’s the weekend where we brittle folks get a little bit of luge spot light. Now granted that spot light is about equivalent to a single LED flashlight in the sporting world. But it’s still our weekend. And I find that I am a little sad right now. Well not so much sad, as jealous. This year the Masters race is in Park City Utah. I’m sitting in Potsdam. For the first time since I started sliding 4 years ago, I am not competing in Masters.

After living dangerously for the past year it just wasn’t in the cards to make the trip out to Utah for this race. I am wearing a super expensive belt buckle instead. So I am missing the race.

I slid in the Masters race in Utah 2 years ago. It was awesome. The track is fast (faster than Lake Placid’s track). The ice is smooth.


And, well, Park City is really really cool.

utah olympic park from junior start

I had a good race 2 years ago and finished 4th. I almost looked like a slider.

2012 masters doug start

doug at nationals

I know I would do better this year.

And of course I left a lot on the track last year at Masters in Lake Placid

chicane sunday race

I clearly have unfinished business with this race.

Next year. Next year.

Instead I will be sliding in Lake Placid this weekend, so it’s not all bad. We have two big races left in the season. Empire State Games in February and the ADK Luge Club race in March. I’m looking forward to ESG. It’s the same weekend as the Olympic Men’s race and there will be a lot of energy because of both.

Anyway, I want to give a big shout out the the ADK Luge Club Masters racers who are in Park City this weekend. Do well my friends. Enjoy the ride!

Picture of the Day


“Park City Spectators”

That’s a moose cow and calf, watching the Masters race in 2012…….



2 thoughts on “Luge shout out!

  1. It’s going to be a very young crowd in Lake Placid sliding this weekend. We have an influx of kids (for various reasons) coming right now. It makes for cool energy at the track, but I will miss the adult teasing and comments. Anyway this weekend is for working on form and prepping for ESG.

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