Feeling Whiny

Winter is full on in the North Country. And except for the startling lack of snow, its been a real winter. And by “real winter” I mean really (really) cold. We are now in our 3rd day of -15F (or lower) lows with highs below or just at 0F. The biggest number on the 10 day forecast is 25F.

This is our third spell of seriously cold weather this winter. Let me tell you about what this weather is like, if you have never had the pleasure of experiencing it. The snow squeaks when you walk on it. Its kind of strange. Weirder than that, you can hear the trees crack. Little bits of moisture inside them freeze and expand. That causes the wood to split deep inside the tree resulting in an audible “crack”.

It’s starting to get to me. I miss my bikes. Yeah I have Frank (my road bike) set up in my house on a trainer, but seriously its not the same as getting out to ride. The cooped up feeling is ramping up  and we still have about 6-8 weeks minimum before riding outside can commence. I also do have luge season going, which is fun. But the weather forecast for Sunday morning is -6F. That’s pretty cold when you are in a spandex speed suit, even if you have a couple of base layers on.

Top that off with an email I got from Coach Drew this week. He said he was going to be out of communication for the next week or so. A client was flying him to Trinidad to do some biking. He lives in Florida in the winter. Where is the justice in that??????? He can ride outside anyway. It’s prime riding season in Florida. Drew doesn’t need Trinidad, I need Trinidad (or Arizona…..)

Hey Universe, how about throwing me a bone? Please?????

Yeah, I am feeling whiny.

Nothing a 1:44 ride doing Sufferfest “Blender” won’t cure. Right? RIGHT???




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