A Cure for the Whiny

When I moved to Potsdam my parents bought property to build a cabin so they could summer up here near us. (They winter in Florida close to my brother.) My dad built an awesome cabin himself. Turned out rather nice I would say.


Not bad for a retired social worker.

Last weekend I was walking my dog on the property and this is what I saw….


What do you see? Tell you what I saw. About 4 miles of single track winding around the property.It’s something I have been thinking about for a while, but the activities near the Pavements Edge (Hi Chris!) have inspired me to take action this year.

My parents have 80 acres of woods and wetlands. Winter is a nice time to walk around because the leaves are down and you can see paths. I walked around and kind of meandered where the topology and spacing between the trees took me. I think I can get a pretty good trail down in the woods. The property is pretty flat, but I am sure we can get some rolling pumping sections into it. Should be fun. It’s a little difficult to fully access the situation right now because we are covered in snow and ice. I know there is a lot under the snow that will need to be dealt with. That includes the fact that there are wet areas and streams that will need to be confronted, but are “hidden” right now.

My goal for February is to mark out the trail. I know the 40 acres right behind my parents cabin pretty well and so have a good picture in my mind how I want it to go. That will make a good start. Then I can branch out and expand the system into the areas of the woods that are less familiar to me. Noah, my hard working 11 year old, is psyched to get out and mark some trails that will be ours. Even Bailey the teen is excited to have his own trails to ride.

So even though spring is still a bit off, preparations for biking season are beginning!

Picture of the Day


“Winter Guest”

(I saw this guy when I was checking on the cabin for my mom and dad a week ago. He’s looking down into the pond we dug behind my parents cabin. The picture doesn’t give you a real sense of the size of that bird.)


6 thoughts on “A Cure for the Whiny

  1. Chris, its about 60 acres of dry. We have a beaver pond in one section. And there is a major stream/swamp that is cutting me off of about 20 more acres. So its about 40 unless I can figure out how to get onto the other 20 acres. Regardless I should be able to lay down a pretty long trail on the 40 I can get to “easy”.

  2. It is a beautiful part of the world! I have started a trail along the border line of the property and I am happy that Doug and grandsons are exploring the interior. Another whole story especially with Doug’s mother. There are all kinds of fallen cedar trees and bridge building materials available for completing the trail in the summer. All hands on deck including the black flies, and mosquitoes. The little bit of activity does not seem to bother the abundant wild life. The owl has been around since day one and it does upset the balance especially with the blue jays. That is a whole another story. I do have to keep a top screen on the chicken pen!

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