Luge Fan

Lots of luge to write about this week. You’ll have to excuse me, but it high time with the Olympics on.

These Olympics are special in my house because of the connection we have with USLA. But more than that I think everyone associated with US Luge is holding their breath right now. We are waiting for tomorrow. Waiting to see what will happen. Why?

I want to make an analogy for a minute. Being a fan of luge and an American, is a lot like being a fan of the Boston Red Sox. Well like it used to be anyway. Bear with me for a minute while I explain.

The Red Sox went a long long time without winning a World Series. They had some pretty good teams during that span, but something always seamed to happen (Google Bill Buckner Red Sox if you are not familiar with the Red Sox). And then of course there were the Yankees who always seemed to be winning.

The US has never won a singles medal in the Olympics. Dating back to something like 1964 when Luge became an Olympic sport. We have had some good sliders and some chances, but something always seemed to happen. And then there is the German team who always seams to be winning everything. So there is a little bit of a complex in the US luge fan, a little hesitancy to trust. I little bit of fear to have hope when something is going well.

Today was a fantastic day for the US women, and for one athlete in particular. Two runs are in the books for the women in Sochi. Erin Hamlin of the US is in 3rd place. 3rd place! Erin is really close to second place, and she has a pretty good gap to 4th place. She is in prime position to win a medal.

And I think US Luge Nation is waiting, and hoping……..and waiting.

Go Erin! Be strong and slide fast!

(9:30 am EST BTW if you want to watch)


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