Winter Wonderland

I know that my friends along the Atlantic coast are tired of winter. Every storm that has come East this winter has tracked right up the coast and dumped on them.

Up here in the North Country we are tired of winter too. But we are tired because it has been cold. Just plain cold. Brutally cold in fact. We have had ice and but very little snow. My thought has always been that if it is going to be brutally cold it should at least be snowy so that you can do something outside. But we have pretty much just gotten the cold.

Last week the Atlantic coast got their, what, 125th snow storm of the winter. This time it tracked a little inland and we got some actual snow out of the deal, about 9″. And on the spur of the moment the kids and I decided to go skiing. We knew that it was going to be busy (Saturday + Holiday + snow = lots of skiers), but we couldn’t resist.

Talk about perfect. Temps around 30F, no wind, and fresh powder. Bailey dumped Noah and me pretty quickly (again) and headed out on his own for the day. Noah and I enjoyed the day together.

We skied and skied and skied.


It snowed a little bit during the day. Just enough to give a little ambiance.


A perfect day to spend with my guys. Even if one of them didn’t spend a lot of time with me šŸ˜‰ (And just what we needed to start feeling good about the winter again.)

Picture of the Day




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