Life, work and luge

I don’t really talk a lot or in detail here about ALL that I do with luge. Really people just want to hear about the scary aspects (Oh and the bruising. Never forget the bruising!). But my relationship with the luge is really many faceted. Parent, athlete, official (yeah I officiate races), and engineer……

While the Olympics were going on I was back home wearing a different hat. Well technically I was wearing a luge helmet for part of it…. but I was also wearing my engineers hat. Through my day job I have gotten involved in designing luge sleds. We are helping US Luge to develop a better sled. It’s a lot of fun because I get to put things in the wind tunnel and do simulations and think about luge (while being paid for it šŸ˜‰ ). I cannot share a lot of details here. Looking at my site stats during the Olympics I had a number of European visitors (guten Morgen!). While we are all friends, they are our competitors. And so the specifics of what we are doing is super secret! (Ha, international intrigue…..)

The Olympic cycle is 4 years. And while the athletes were off finishing up their 4 year cycle, the engineers were already at work aiming towards 2018. We have a couple of projects going on and will hopefully be seeing those on the track in the next couple of weeks. It’s an exciting time.

Last week I did an interview with the local NPR station. They broadcast the story this morning. I think it turned out pretty good. Enjoy.

This by the way was a very weird experience. Have you ever met a “radio personality” in person? I had this guy come to my office and all of a sudden Todd Moe’s voice boomed (if you know Todd’s voice it is very strong and distinctive) out of a person, rather than a radio. Odd.

(Sliding resumes this Saturday. So worry not, war stories to follow. Chasing the new bar… a sub 45 second run. That would move me to the really good category.)

Picture of the Day

Doug Bohl- Luge-Wind Tunnel_058



4 thoughts on “Life, work and luge

    • Yeah, my luge friends have been at me about the picture. When we did the initial testing we had to suspend the sled from the roof of the wind tunnel. The aerodynamics don’t care. But we are making a new balance system and it will have the sled on the floor. Easier to mount.

    • We didn’t have anything directly in these games. Our effort is part of a larger one. Time got a little short to use what we made this time around. Our pieces were actually finished yesterday. Should be on the track next week or the week after for testing.

      I have never done skeleton. Luge and skeleton people don’t really mix. Its the whole “our sport is great, the other one is crazy thing.”

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