Olympic Withdrawl

I know that the sport of luge is central to all of your lives. Heck, you knew when you started reading this silly blog that even though it was “about” mountain biking that Luge would creep into it in the winter. It’s obvious right???

So I know you all are suffering from Olympic Withdrawal Depression (OWD). You are probably wondering if Tucker has found a girlfriend yet (if you don’t know what I am talking about, you should just Google “Tucker West”). You are probably wondering if Beyonce has hunted Duncan Kennedy down yet for his comments about Kate Hansen’s pre race dance routines. You might be wondering what Erin Hamlin is up to after winning the bronze medal.

BUT, most of all you are missing watching people slide down a track of ice really really fast. Most especially the sliders from the bottom of the depth chart who are more exciting in that they test the limits of the track.

Well I have your answer for you.

Tonight from 6-8 pm and tomorrow morning from 8-10 am you can watch a live stream of the ADK Luge Club sliders in action (including yours truly!).

It’s here: http://www.usaluge.org/video?id=lp and if things are working well with the stream, you can even hear the announcer talking. I am last in the sliding order, so expect to see me at about 6:15 or so.

Black spandex for me tonight!

Author’s Note: I got to see the sled I helped design in person yesterday. It was like seeing my child for the first time. I wish he was a little smaller. Then I would fit on him……. Humm….

Author’s Second Note: Beyonce has not hunted down Duncan yet. I saw him yesterday. He is fine.


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