OK it’s a sad day, but maybe you could help make it better. See I am putting Worm up for sale.

If you have been reading this blog for the past year or so, you have seen a lot of worm. You might remember him from here:


Yeah, Worm is my trusty bike from Leadville. He never failed me before or during Leadville.


After Leadville I bought a new mtb. I did that because my new bike was better suited to the kind of riding I wanted to get into. I need to sell Worm to finish paying off the new bike. So I present, for sale, Worm.


Worm’s core is a 1992 Basso Titanium Superlite frame (medium) 26’er. I was the first owner of that frame and it was first built in 2011. So really the frame 3 years old. The frame was built by Litespeed for Basso.

His drive train is a 9 speed XTR rear


and a SRAM X-9, with Shimano SLX  triple cranks in the front:


Worm has XTR shifters


and a Marzocci CORSA SL (100 mm) front fork with remote lockout


The wheels are Mavic rims with Maxxis Crossmark tires. The tires are in great shape. I replaced them right before Leadville and have not ridden much on them.

Front mechanical (Avid BB7) disk brakes and rear rim break (Avid Black Ops).

Worm is ready to go.

$2200 and he is yours. (And my sad day turns to happiness, because he deserves to be ridden.)


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