Monday Moring Slider: Race Eve

Friday night. Race eve…

It’s not Monday. Shut up Yeti….

Friday night. Race eve.

Tomorrow night is the big spring ADK Luge Club spring race. In many ways its the culmination of my season. It’s been a breakout season for me. A total blast.

I feel like I am finally understanding this crazy sport. I am comfortable on my sled. My position is good. I can handle problems as they come, and I am leaving them behind me on the track.

Two good runs. That’s what I need tomorrow. Two good runs.

My dream? Well it would be win the “B” division and to slide a run that has “45” in it. That’s the line in the sand right now. If I slide a 45, then I am ready to move up to the “A” group for next year. Dear Santa….

It’s going to be a luge filled day tomorrow. I am officiating the Senior National Seeding Race in the morning. That’s the race USLA uses to determine who will be sliding on the senior, big boy, circuit next year. I like working those races. Then the ADK Luge Club annual meeting (better do an agenda before I go to sleep!). Then a little party for Erin Hamlin (bronze medalist in the 2014 Winter Olympics!). Then off to the track for the race. Then home.

Yup a jam packed day of luge.

I’m ready. My gear is in my car. My steels are polished.

Game on!

Picture of the Day

doug and jenny

“Friendly Competition”


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