Uh oh……..

I woke up Sunday morning and found this in my email:

“Hello Doug,
Your Workouts for Sunday, March 23
#1: 2 min intervals
Type: Bike
Planned Duration: 1:30
Description: Warm up 20 minutes. During this warm up include 4 x 60 second accelerations to expected pace for your 2 minute efforts.
Then perform 4-6 x 2 minutes at Zone 5. If using power go specifically by 110-115% FTP. Use either a combination of HR and RPE(how you feel), or power, HR, and RPE. Very important you go by feel for these as your HR most likely will not reach it’s max in 2 minutes! If you don’t have power, try to pick a section of road or a short climb for these. Mark a point that you think you can hit every 2 minutes and equals a max effort for that time frame. Hit that point every time in 2 minutes and you are spot on!
If you have anything left after 6 of these, do one more maximal effort with whatever you have left. Today’s workout is a maximal day, so leave nothing left.
Take a full 4 minutes rest between these efforts. This is extremely important, so do your best to take the entire break.
After the intervals, spin easy zones 1-2 for the remainder of time.
Pre-Activity Comments: “

My first workout from Drew for the season. The email starts out nice enough, but when you look at it in detail its a nasty little thing. That’s OK bring it.

I am planning on doing a XC race in CT on April 13:  Hop Brook Dam. The timing is good from a family perspective as the kids have spring break. We can go to visit with our CT family and have an early Easter. It’s less appealing because of this:


That’s the view out of my office window. Want to go snow shoeing?

While its officially spring, our cold winter is holding on hard. We still have over a foot of snow on the ground (with a little fresh stuff added to it last night). It’s supposed to get into the 40’s by the weekend and continue through next week. But it’s a definite possibility that the race on the 13th will be my first single track ride of the year. A race, on a new course, with rust. Eh, bring it.



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