Uh oh (Part 2)

There is something I didn’t share about my day of luge last weekend. It really wasn’t much. Just a couple of sentences. About 30 second of my 14 hour luge day. And yet…….

We were putting our equipment away and Jim (the club guru) and I were chatting about the upcoming weekend. It’s our last session of the year. We are opening it up to everyone who wants to slide (usually we limit the numbers so that we can get at least 4 runs in) and so its going to be a last night to spend time with our winter friends.

Jim: “I am going to take some people up to women’s start next weekend. It’s time.”

Doug: “OK. Who?”

Jim: “You are on that list.”


Jim: “You should see the look on your face its priceless.”

And so began what has been a truly interesting week between luge sessions.

OK so here is the deal. The tourist start, where people first slide is about 35 mph. The junior start, where I slide, about 55 mph. Women’s start, where Olympic Bronze medalist Erin Hamlin slides, about 70 mph. The game changes at each one and so do the stakes.

Question 1. Do you actually want to luge from the women’s start?

I had been harboring this secret plan. Next year focus on the Masters race and getting fast for that. THEN once that was finished see about moving up to the women’s start. Jim has definitely upset that little plan.

Question 2. Do you want to do it this week?

That’s more difficult to answer. I have these two voices in my brain. One says yes, the other says no.

The yes one says: “You have had a great season and are in good control of your sled. You sliding has really come around. Its going to be warm and rainy (meaning the ice will be slow). It’s a good time.”

The no one says: “You still have a tendency to tense up and when you do your form gets bad. That’s not a good combination when you are going 70 mph. You need to fix that first.” This no voice is coming about largely because I was sloppy last week, and it bothered me. And probably because I have this strong sense of self preservation.

I am not sure if the “no” voice is smart or chicken.

It’s going to be an interesting day.

Authors Note: I suspect Jim sprang that little gem on me last week to get the F.U. reaction out of the way……..which I guess it did.


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