Monday Morning Slider: The End of the Season

Did you like how I didn’t write a post on Monday like I normally do? You were probably wondering what happened given the whole how am I going to end my luge season thing. You probably were wondering if I did it, or given the silence here if I crashed and burned.

It turned out to be a non issue. I had gotten to the track and was going to go for it. But there were some concerns expressed by the track (general not specific). We respected those concerns and none of the club sliders went up to women’s start. The sliding? Well it ended up being a rather anti-climatic end to the season. The track was slow and frosty. I put down two runs and called it a season.

The best part of the night was we had several new sliders again. One awesome brave very young girl. I know here mom from home and had heard she wanted to slide.

“Bring her up!”

“She’s small.”

“That’s OK”

Well….. she was SMALL. Probably 40 lbs, soaking wet. But we gave her some instruction and sent her off to tourist start. After my second run I went up to the tourist start to see how things were going with the newbies. I saw the little girl’s mom and asked how her first run went.

“She crashed.”

“Really? Is she ok?”

Crash was a bit of an exaggeration. She touched some walls in the chicane. Lost what little momentum she had (remember I said small 🙂 ) and came to a stop.

I talked with her a little bit and she was pumped to head down the track again. Same result.

She was a little annoyed when she got back up to the start ramp for a third try. We had a heart to heart.

“You are small. I have a small son who is just like you. Ask you mom. She knows Noah. It’s not your fault. Are you having fun?”


“Do you want to go again?”


I gave her a luge fist bump.

“Do you know why we fist bump?”

“Because you have claws on when you slide.”

“You got it!”

I had to leave before her third run to get the other people back to the sled shed and so I missed her run.

When they came back down to the sled shed…..


“I did it!”

Fist bumps all around. A fearless little one!

The club guru was working with the new people. He said a rousing cheer when up when she made it to the finish. At dinner we were chatting. Matt our tracker worker club member said the track guys were in finish watching the little one slide on the video. And every time she went they were cheering her on. Nice.

Her mom wants to slide too. I think we have a new luge family in the family. Now she just needs to put a little size on before fall! 😉


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Slider: The End of the Season

  1. OK, I have to ask, is there a weight limit on a rider in practical terms? I know the official Olympic rules don’t list one, but would a, say 300 lb slider do better than a 180 lb slider? What about 400 lbs? I know in physics terms they will have more potential energy on the track, but does it translate to faster? I imagine it would be harder to control the sled in the turns with a heavier slider on it.

    • A male slider can weight up to 90 kg. So if you are 80kg, you can carry 10 kg of ballast (I have a vest with lead weights in it). Once you are past 90 kg you get your body weight.

      Each slider has to find the weight at which they are fastest. I could in theory go up to 90 kg. But the question is, is that weight useful. If it hinders my start or slows down my reaction time then no its not. Each person has to figure that out for themselves.

      Lot’s of really good sliders (Olympic medalists) have been short and light. But they found their optimum.

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