April 4

It should be the time to seriously transition from luge to bike. The luge season is officially done. I have changed my Facebook picture from full length spandex to spandex shorts and a biking jersey. Yup, its time to hit the trails for sure. But it still feels a lot like winter around here. The temperature have moderated into the 40’s for highs, but we still have over a foot of snow on the ground in most places. It’s probably going to be 3 more weeks before our trails are open enough to ride. AND my California biking friends keep sending me pictures that are lacking snow and full of sunshine. I may go crazy soon.

Today’s workout was a leg burner. Here my wake up email from my friend Drew:

” Your Workouts for Friday, April 04

#1:  30/30’s plus 2-3 x sub LT 10 min.
Type: Bike
Planned Duration: 2:00 
Description: Warm up 20-30 minutes spinning.
Then perform 2 x 8 minutes of the following:
30 seconds at 150% FTP (if you have power; if not, this should be a pace that is hard, but also something you can hold for all the efforts during the intervals)
30 seconds easy
Repeat this sequence throughout the entire 8 minute efforts. Then recover 5 minutes between efforts. (meaning 8 of these total per set)
After the last 8 minute effort, take 10 minutes recovery. Then perform 2 x 10 minute efforts at 86-95% FTP or building from zone 3 to zones 4-5 for HR by the end of each effort. Take 3 minutes rest between these.
Great hard day. Push it! Be positive and talk yourself through these efforts. Never give up!”

Another great day to be inside on a bike.

I did take the opportunity to fix a little problem I have had all of my life. I’ve never seen the movie Breaking Away. Go figure. Not sure how that one slipped past me. So I streamed it during my work out (yeah Amazon Prime!) All in all it was a good movie (though I do not think I got to 60 mph during my ride….)

Still trying to figure out how I am going to approach tomorrow’s workout:

” Your Workouts for Saturday, April 05

#1:  Moderate off road with technical work
Type: Bike
Planned Duration: 1:30 
Description: Ride Zones 1-3 off road. During today’s ride, pick sections of the trail you find challenging technically, and attempt to do them. Repeat the process until you are comfortable with each section. Try to keep most of the time in Zones 2-3, but it’s ok to go into Zones 4-5 on the tougher sections. “

I’m not comfortable on any of the off road stuff right now given all of the ice that’s on it. Oh well, one step at a time. At least it’s above freezing.


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