Staying Positive

Well it’s been a lame week on my end blog wise. Sorry. I have been in B-spline hell courtesy of the luge project I am working on. But I think I emerged from there this morning.

As I have whined about, the spring has been late in coming up here in the North Country. One serious consequence of that is that the high school mtb team organization is way behind where I had thought we would be at this point. You see kids who are interested in riding and racing mtb’s don’t want to go to meetings, they want to actually ride their bikes. Go figure.

The New York League of NICA was supposed to have their first race last weekend (cancelled due to rain). We still had over a foot of snow on the ground up here and had yet to actually get on our bikes. So as of right now I don’t know how many kids will ultimately be doing this or what kind of riders they are. I know I have some complete newbies interested. And that’s great but its also hard to assess where they are at and if they can participate in a race at this point.

The weather finally broke and we have been melting snow like mad. But we are still probably 2 weeks away from having any ridable trails around here. The weather looked good this week so I called the first practice to do some drills. I figured it would be fun to meet, do some biking and practice some biking skills.

It was me, my son, another kid (who is a good rider) and the other 3 adults who are helping. A student to faculty ratio of 0.5. In all fairness I heard back from one young lady (the really new person) that she was going to be in CA on vacation (spring break next week for the schools). And two others had conflicts. Still it was somewhat disappointing.

We all had fun. Snow banks make great obstacles to bike over. And they provide the extra excitement of sometimes being soft, and sometimes being hard. You never know if you are going over or through 🙂

I expect that in two weeks when the kids come back from spring break we will have ridable trails. We should be able to get out then and have some fun. I am trusting that it will pick up once we can do that.

So we are still behind. There is a race this weekend and then one on the 27th. The race on the 27th was the one I had wanted to go to. It’s the closest to us. But I am not comfortable taking kids to a race who I don’t know skill wise and have not seen bike for myself.

On a brighter note. We do have a 1st pass at team jerseys.


I am using Jakroo. They seem easy to work with so far. I will let you know how they turn out. Now if only I could get in touch with the kids to show them……


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